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cleaninggame's Journal

the cleaning game
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the cleaning game, lists of daily, weekly, monthly chores
The cleaning game is very simple, and there are several ways to play.

At the beginning of each day you make a list, by room, of things you need to get done. You might take pictures of the mess if you want. As the day progresses and you knock a few things off the list, you update on what you have accomplished and show an updated list of things to do, including the crossed off things that are done. You don't have to update at all. You could just post your morning list and photos. But do you really want everyone to think you did nothing all day? That's where this community gets motivational. SOMEONE is watching your list, wondering what you've got done. So at least one update, maybe at the end of the day, showing what you've accomplished, is recommended. When you're in a rut, we're here to support you! The idea is not to cross everything off of your list, but to organize your cleaning *battle plan*. This makes it look less hopeless and more doable. List EVERYTHING you MIGHT want to clean, and never expect you'll get half done. It's the fact you know specifically what needs to be done that will help. And the prospect of showing off your clean house photos or triumphant updates isn't bad either ;). So come on in, introduce yourself, and get to work!

On a side note, you aren't supposed to *clean all day*. But when you're glued to the computer (much like I tend to be) and you keep seeing updates from fellow cleaners showing they are making progress, it might help inspire you.

So happy cleaning!